Mobile Mechanic Specialties

Engine Diagnostics.   More...

Combustion chamber, valves condition and general fault finding. I use diagnostic hardware and software to collect and analyze information from your machine. This information allows me to make experienced deductions about your engine and fuel management systems, as well as the engines mechanical condition.

Motorcycle Assessments and Insurance Quotations

For all makes and models, whether buying or selling and for all insurance needs. Depending on what you need I use specialized equipment combined with my experienced eye and provide you with an accurate description of the machine's actual mechanical condition.

Mechanical Consultancy.

Specialist Motorcycle Construction, Engineering Modifications and Restoration Planning.

'Zane' Laverda Specialist.

'Zane' refers to all Italian Laverdas built in the Italian Zane factory. This is where Laverda Motorcycles were manufactured between the years 1997-2001. As owners and enthusiasts of these modern Laverdas. I am able to offer experienced servicing and maintenance throughout the zane range.


Tick over not as smooth? Throttle responce not quite so crisp? Computerised Carburettor/Injection Balancing and Idle Synchronization for all multi cylinder Motorcycle or Scooter engines.


"It not easy to diagnose a fault when most of the factors involved have extremely narrow tolerances. Many of them also governed by controlling electronics of some type. Because of this previously tried and tested methods of diagnosis have become less accurate and a more detailed analysis of individual mechanical and electronic processes needs to be used to concisely understand the modern engines."

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